Access thousands of merchant offers and vouchers.

Select ones to display in your web site or application.

Earn commission if the user makes a purchase!


  • Support for Affiliate Window, BuyAt, Paid on Results and Webgains affiliate networks!
  • Advanced searching allows you to filter your for vouchers for ones matching (or even excluding) certain keywords
  • Include/execute merchants from your searches on a per search basis
  • Automated update of vouchers and offers
  • Got custom voucher codes or offers exclusive to you? No problem - you can add your own too!


  • With just a couple of lines of Javascript you can copy'n'paste content units on your website that contain voucher codes.
  • No software or setup required! Everything is hosted here.
  • Alternatively you can use the powerful Wordpress plugin that can even display contextual vouchers based on post/page title.
  • Use on as many web sites as you want.
  • Make some extra beer money when a customer decides to buy!


  • Access your vouchers in XML or JSON format using the REST API
  • Enrich your current applications or build new ones
  • See the Wordpress plugin for example PHP client code - although the same principles apply to other languages, e.g. Ruby, Java, etc.

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